Decorex 2017 : Colour trend forecast for Autumn/Winter 2018/19 – ‘The Natural home’

Like other design fields, interior design is inextricably tied to changing styles — what’s hot and what’s not. And firing up this year’s autumn and winter trends is a paradigm shift towards a more sustainable aesthetic: interiors with a natural, eco-conscious theme.


Image: Decorex 2017

Colour Hive’s trend consultant manager Hannah Malein’s recent talk at Decorex brought to life the importance of natural elements, upcycling and overall sustainability in reshaping the interior landscape – one inspired by the beauty of the natural world.

Deep greens to smokey oranges, pastel pinks to metallic blues, ani M INTERIORS presents four interior looks expected to dominate the design scene in 2018/2019.


A beautifully balanced palette of moss green, beetroot red, amethyst and a piercing, icy blue (amongst others), Rapture is at once bold and delicate: a colour scheme that fills a home with warmth and positivity.


Image: Rapture

A trend that calls on reconnecting with personal values and exploring the way we are becoming more in tune with our planet and nature, Rapture reconnects us with our spiritual side.

In today’s tumultuous world, Rapture is wholesome and grounding. It compliments natural, earthy greens with more spiritual lilacs and purples to produce a rich and verdant spectrum. It experiments with a diverse, lively palette to create a nurturing and calming space that you can enjoy all year round.


The heavy, overpowering dominance of the digital age is offset with Beyond’s light, airy colours. Neon pink, powdery peach and metallic blue are wonderfully ethereal and soothing – a visually pleasing palette that provokes an indulgent, multi-sensory experience.


Image: Beyond

Be it a statement sofa or a feature wall, Beyond’s pale hues are perfect for a calm and elegant atmosphere. These versatile pastels and neutral metallics are breezy and flowing, subdued yet vibrant. In a city apartment or rustic chateau, their versatile colours focus on delicate, graceful design. They both comfort and invigorate.

Evoking a sense of calmness, fluidity and balance, the fusion of these unique shades provides the perfect antidote to busy, modern life.


Earth, Air, Fire, Water. The Filter trend finds beauty in impulsive, unpredictable elements.


Image: Filter

With a palette of smoky white, burnt orange and blazing red, soft brown and a brilliant sulphur yellow, Filter’s colours evoke the warmth and depth of nature’s very own hues. A harkening back to all that is primal, with a seductive call to the elements.

Contemporary design is not only becoming eco-friendlier, but also celebratory of man’s connection to the nature. These vivid, glowing shades blur the stark lines of modernity with echoes of the natural world. A breath of these earth-based tones in your interiors will add an immediate sense of richness and character to your home.


Punchy, bold and striking. These are the colours that dictate the final AW 18/19 trend, Control.


Image: Control

With climate volatility posing serious, often incalculable impacts on the environment, individuals are seeking solace in a sense of stability and permanence. Fuchsia pink, vibrant green and bright yellow, Control’s neon tones share a synthetic quality – one that is perennial and unfailing. They are dynamic and spirited, and ring with a blaring resonance.

Add any of these colours to your living rooms or bedrooms for a playful, sophisticated touch.

Four completely unique trends that highlight the invaluable need for natural preservation and a more earth-based understanding of the world, interiors across the world are about to become that much more colourful.

Feel inspired to transform your home into an eco-haven? Get in touch with the ani M INTERIORS team to introduce any of these vibrant trends into your own living space.

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