Designers’ pick of the month

Farrow & Ball leads a colour masterclass with its palette of 132 refined and innovative shades. Just in time for spring are nine new hues, designed to show your home in a different light. ani M INTERIORS is keen to put these pale neutrals, muted pastels and vibrant brights into action.


Shadow White

Perfect for any style of home and so versatile it can be used on ceilings or woodwork to create a soft ‘shaded’ feeling in south facing rooms.


Drop Cloth

A darker version of Shaded White and Shadow White, this completes the trio of colours for a classic look. In east facing rooms, the colour will appear stronger in the morning and become more muted throughout the day.



Taking its name from the distinctive woven fabric, this colour has the same dignified air. In north facing rooms, it will appear as a stronger, grittier grey.



Named after the Cromarty Firth estuary and inspired by sea mists. In west facing rooms, the colour can change dramatically from neutral to a fresh, warmer shade of blue.



This hazy grey-pink will turn a bedroom into a beautiful boudoir. It works perfectly when combined with neutral shades and feels both traditional and contemporary at the same time.


Yeabridge Green

This colour was unearthed at Yeabridge House, an 18th century Georgian Hamstone farmstone, when the original gun cupboard was removed. It’s a vibrant and verdant addition to the existing palette of greens.



Named after the flamboyant Romany Wagon, this lively colour looks elegant combined with grey tones or with whites. Used in west facing rooms, the colour will build throughout the day giving a perfect glow by evening.


Inchyra Blue

This is the perfect colour to capture the current trend of dark tones on all four walls. In west facing rooms it will look stronger in the morning and becoming bluer as the day progresses.


Salon Drab

The strangely named hue is ideal for giving darker, north facing rooms a cosy feel and works particularly well with yellow and red-based neutral tones.


If you are ready for a spring refresh and are keen to see what these new tones can do in your interior, get in touch today.

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