Designers’ pick of the month: Daydream couch

Are you a doodler? Absent-mindedly sketching as you are on the phone or in a meeting? So was the creator of this plush three-seat sofa and armchair from Front at Moroso.


Tactile geometric designs are imprinted on the cold cure foam and covered with a smooth elastic webbing. It’s impossible to not retrace the designer’s daydream doodles with your fingertips as you recline.


This statement piece’s shape resembles a folded blanket with simple lines and a shell-like back to best show off the design. Available in either black or white, this sofa would suit an uncluttered modern interior especially where grey tones are prominent. It would work equally well on a balcony in the summer sunshine surrounded by monochrome plant pots and leafy green palms. Perfect for daydreaming!!


Image Courtesy : Moroso

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