Marsala: Pantone colour of the year


Marsala – we have fallen in love with this rich, new shade

It’s always exciting to hear what the latest Pantone Colour of the Year will be, and in 2015 Pantone have come up with a classic. Marsala – deep, powerful and perfect for creating elegance in any living space – traditional or contemporary. Use it to add depth and drama – maybe as an accent colour in a rug, throw or cushions. Or choose Marsala for some fab, new accessories – maybe for tableware or bedding. We’ll certainly be including it in our home designs this year.

  • Marsala – what our designers think…..

    Mansi Mehra the Design Director at ani M interiors loves Marsala, she believes that “Marsala is a fabulous colour – dramatic yet versatile. I feel it appeals equally to both sexes but it’s definitely a choice for confident and elegant individuals. It complements neutral or bold colour schemes – think beige, blue and teal. As you can see, Marsala is a vibrant colour yet it won’t overwhelm a room, so for anyone that prefers warm colour tones on their walls, Marsala is a great choice because it gives the room a warm energy – traditional with a modern twist.”

    Mansi’s pick


    Credit: Regent Roll Top Freestanding Bath by Splash Direct (
  • How to use Marsala in a living space

    This stunning colour will work well with neutral colours as well as bolder shades.Be careful not to overdo yellows or bright oranges though – if you do want to include them, be sure to vary the tones. Perhaps include some neutral colours to balance the yellow or orange.

  • Max Prychidko, our Head Designer believes that, “Marsala is a shade set to enrich our mind, body and soul, releasing confidence and stability. Marsala is a confident and bold colour but the warm undertones mean it won’t be domineering in any space. Because of its burnished undertones Marsala is an extremely versatile shade to work with, we see it working across the board, dramatically combining with shades of warm taupe, grey and even more vibrant greens, blues and golden yellows.”

    Max’s pick


    Credit: Mademoiselle Armoire by KOKET (


    Credit: Smallwire Coffee Table by Arik Levy at Conran shop (
  • Using strong colours together

    “We think Marsala is a great colour to work with, but avoid partnering it with colours that are a bit lifeless. Use tones with vibrancy and character of their own to avoid creating a drab feeling in your home. As we’ve already mentioned don’t be afraid to pair it with some bright colours such as blues, greens or golden yellows and avoid making your overall scheme too ‘matchy’.”

  • Zoe-Hayley a Senior Designer at ani M Interiors stated that “Timeless elegance is instantly achieved by adding this plush hue to classic upholstery designs. What’s great about Marsala is that it can be used as an accent without dominating a space due to its inherent earthiness.”

    Zoe’s pick


    Credit: Eanda Armchair by Brabbu (


    Credit: Ronde Pendant by Oliver Schick at Gubi (
  • Use Marsala sparingly

    “Given its deep, rich tone it is important to avoid overusing Marsala in one space as it can begin to overpower a room. Instead use it as an accent shade amongst other neutral, earthy tones when in a traditional setting or vibrant, cool colours in a more modern interior.”

  • Feeling warm and toasty?

    That’s exactly how this exciting shade should make you feel! We hope you’ve enjoyed our take on how you can use dazzling Marsala and that you’ve picked up some handy design tips for your home. Outside, the weather may be dull and grey but that’s all the more reason to have some fun with your interiors. Bringing a little warmth and colour into your home should tide you over these long, dark winter months and beyond.

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