New Year, new look

January 2016 heralds a new year of interiors; it’s time to see how the four broad themes unveiled last year will transform as they are interpreted and introduced into homes this year.

May Design Series gave an insight into 2016 trends, it was dominated by colour, specifically Global Colour Research’s Beast, Brink, Space and Tropic. These palettes were edgy, earthy and otherworldly and great colour base for interior ideas.

London Fashion Week was as playful and uncompromising as ever; the team were thrilled by Jean-Pierre Braganza’s Whiplashed collection. His use of shape and colour was sublime, monochrome geometry was brought to life with twisting organic shapes and bold splashes of colour. Transposed to home décor these themes enable unusual furniture to take centre stage.

By autumn 2015, the team was inspired by Global Colour Research’s predictions for 2016 autumn/winter. Four new colour palettes, Strata, Abyss, Ripe and Play, suggested incredible themes for interiors that celebrate style as well as the materials used. Rough, raw surfaces enhance those that are polished and shaped. It is a step on from the industrial chic that dominated 2015, this trend revels in the wild beauty of nature.

The final theme, pattern is an extension of last year’s world traveller motif. Drawing on the cultural influences of different countries it uses the motifs in a surprising way. By making a feature of the traditional designs it enables them to be viewed in a new light, for example, elaborate Middle Eastern designs are simplified, made almost minimalist for a great contemporary look.

These predictions set the team’s creativity loose, here’s how they intend to put them into practice this year.

Max Prychidko – Head Designer

“I’ve been inspired by the use of natural materials, they are timeless, durable, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Don’t be afraid of mixing up different textures and finishes either. People are slowly moving away from the idea that a room has to have one theme and are keen to see a variety of finishes, materials and textures to express their personality and individuality. Porada’s coffee table in wood and stone is a great example.

The two tiered, simple frame means that your focus is on the striking marble tops. Plus, its size means it can be used in a living area where a side table just wouldn’t fit.”


Zoe -Hayley Smith – Senior Interior Designer

“For too long people have been playing it safe with pattern, but this is a mistake. Pattern should be used boldly, it should make a statement and people shouldn’t be scared of using it in an interior. I felt inspired by the Legendary Enigma trend early in 2015, it showed that by using a strong pattern you can bring an air of elegance to an interior rather than overwhelming it. That’s why I’ve chosen this Moroccan style rug Mamounia Sky from the rug company. It perfectly represents why we should be passionate about pattern because it can change a bland space into an oasis.”


Ifrah Buraleh – Interior Designer

“I can’t wait to experiment with the bold and brilliant colours that were unveiled last year such as Play. I love the vibrant shades and the contrast of chromatic brights with the darker hues. It’s easy to introduce these colour wheels to the home without having to drastically change the décor, key statement pieces such as this chair, Stack from Skrivo, does all of the work and brings that important element of fun too.”


Severina Oborotova – Senior Interior Designer

“I see a link between colour trends and the use of shape. Brink for example takes heritage colours and gives them a modern twist by pairing them with unexpected materials while Braganza’s Whiplashed collection showed that geometry doesn’t have to be rigid, it can be free flowing and unexpected. That’s why I’ve chosen this cube pendant from Wired Designs. Its brass finish will work beautifully with the Brink colour scheme while its angular form creates an atmosphere of intricate shadows.”


If you are keen to see how the team’s hot picks for the year ahead will work in your living space then get in touch today.

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