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For an interior designer, discussing the client’s ideas and desires for the space is a vital part of ensuring the finished result is all that the client hoped it would be. But personalising the newly furnished space so that it looks lived in and loved requires special skill. ani M INTERIORS’ team of designers let us in on some trade secrets for how to make a house a home.

Mansi Mehra – Director

“Shelves are the unsung heroes of our living space. Not only do they provide necessary storage and can be statement pieces of furniture in their own right, but they also provide a great place to display personal items: family photographs, cherished objects and much-loved books. They are perfect for giving a scheme that all important finishing touch.”

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Max Prychidko – Head of Design

“The sense of smell is powerful, being linked to memory and emotion. Having the right scents in the home creates a sense of wellbeing, comfort and happiness. In fact, estate agents often advise roasting coffee or baking bread just before a viewing to increase the property’s chances of sale. So my secret to making a house a home is to use diffusers and scented candles – Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir is dark, rich, sensual and enigmatic, ideal for making a home feel cosy during the cold winter months.

Pomegranate Noir Diffuser2 666KB

Different scents work well for different times of the year. ani M INTERIORS’ own range of diffusers have scents to match the season: grapefruit and cedar wood is a fresh citrus scent perfect for spring, black iris and sweet bergamot’s floral notes are just right for summer while sandalwood vetiver has a deep woody and masculine scent that suits autumn best. Scent creates an ambience of wellbeing and makes a house, a home.”


Zoe-Hayley Smith – Senior Interior Designer

“Karl Lagerfeld once said that what he liked about photographs is ‘That they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.’ Photos tell the stories of our lives so what home would be complete without them? They can be displayed in clever ways too: compile an eclectic mix of frames in your stairway, add a large, statement canvas to your living area or even have them transformed into personalised wallpaper. If that seems too extreme, traditional standing picture frames make a beautiful display on side tables and shelves.

Photo frames×7/

“Another great way to make the space feel personal is to dress it with fresh flowers. They are wonderfully uplifting and provide so many different flora and foliage options that they complement any decor. For example, hyacinths, roses and big, blousy peonies in pastel shades are irresistibly romantic, while simple, white calla lilies or even grasses look fantastic in a minimalist scheme. They are an essential part of making a house feel like home. Luther Burbank says it best: ‘Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.’”

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Severina Oborotova – Senior Interior Designer

“What better way to personalise a space than to make a feature of everyday family life? Notes scribbled to partners about upcoming events or shopping lists can be both useful and surprisingly beautiful; while children’s drawings and notes have a charm that’s impossible to recreate. That’s why I’ve chosen chalkboard wallpaper from NOT ON THE HIGH STREET as my top tip on how to personalise a space. It can be used in different rooms with different functionality but it’s also highly decorative. In the kitchen it’s perfect for messages such as ‘Don’t forget, wine tasting 8pm tonight’, recipes, grocery lists and reminders. In a children’s bedroom it’s the perfect way for them to get creative, draw, learn to write, play games and even to make a height chart. There’s no better way to make a home feel lived-in and loved.”


Ifrah Buraleh – Interior Designer

“It sounds strange, but soft furnishings are a great way to add personality. Cushions are a brilliant accessory; they can be mixed and matched according to how adventurous you are feeling. They allow you to be daring with your décor because they are easy to change as the mood suits. You can change a colour scheme seasonally at minimal cost and fuss by simply picking out new colours or new patterns for the covers. Plus, they are the perfect way to express your style, passion and personality inside your home.”


Wai Yin Lee – Interior Designer

“Ifrah is right that soft furnishings give you the versatility to change schemes without it being costly. They also let you experiment with different looks and how best to express your personality. For me though, there is nothing better to personalise the space than a sumptuous throw. It can enliven a dark room with vibrancy and colour; it can cleverly highlight subtle colours in the décor; and it can give tired furniture a bit of lustre. Having a throw on a bed or sofa makes them seem cosy, informal and inviting. As winter draws in, throws are essential to making the space feel like home.”

Throw-25 (800x653)

Putting together a bespoke scheme in the chosen colours and styles for each individual client is a pre-requisite, but the interior design team goes above and beyond to give each project that all-important personal touch. The designers also have clever solutions and design know-how for displaying treasured possessions. If you would like to tap into ani M INTERIORS expertise then get in touch today. The team will be happy to help you make your house, a home.

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