Shades of Greenery : Pantone colour of the year 2017

Pantone has released its colour of the year for 2017: Greenery. It is a fresh, glorious green that brings the wonder of the natural world into your living space. Interior designers are going wild for the colour because it has so many possibilities. It can be used in simple splashes with a monotone colour scheme for a touch of class; it can be layered in tones of green to create a lush, tropical effect; it can be used to complement vibrant patterns or to create a calm and soothing sanctuary. Symbolising new shoots, this joyous colour is a surprise and a departure from the rich tones of Marsala and the delicate pastels of Rose Quartz and Serenity in previous years. The ani M designers are thrilled with its versatility and beauty, here’s how they advise on using Greenery:

Mansi Mehra, Design Director, says: “I love Greenery, it is really evocative of woodland, dense foliage and ivy-covered branches. Use Greenery to create an illusion of an enchanted forest with this beautiful Ivy Shadow wall lamp from Porta Romana. Its time to bring the outdoor in! Or you could go the conventional way and introduce Greenery into your homes by picking from their selection of Grace lamps. Citrene is my personal favourite. When paired with a neutral grey or beige it has an irresistible zing.”


Max Prychidko, Head of Design, likes Greenery’s simplicity. “I instinctively find it appealing because it is the pure colour of nature. Incorporate Greenery by using plants such as succulants. And don’t worry if you don’t have green fingers, succulents are structurally appealing and are very low maintenance. A good interior design tip is to choose an area of your home such as a bespoke shelf or console table and create a collection of plants with differing height and shape. It’s simple, yet effective.”


Ifrah Buraleh, Interior Designer, feels invigorated. “Greenery is such a refreshing and revitalising colour – for me, it’s the perfect start to the year. One can use Greenery to capture the essence of nature in a sophisticated way. These beautiful, 1950s-style Bardot armchairs from Essential Home are a fantastic nod to the colour and the ice-green velvet adds a touch of elegance.”


Maggie Halsackda, Interior Designer, says: “Green makes me feel naturally peaceful, it is associated with health and life. Greenery is a great colour to refresh your interior. Sometimes you want the flexibility to change the colours of your home but without the time and effort of repainting and reupholstering. Soft furnishings are a practical and easy way to refresh your scheme and to introduce the Pantone Colour of the Year. Use cushions to play with tones and combinations and find what you like. For an unexpected twist, use these linen prints from Larusi, and combine green with elements of dark wood, black, white or blue for a sophisticated look.”


Severina Oborotova, Interior Designer, says: “The versatility of this colour is what really excites me and Greenery brings great opportunities for print and texture. Thinking of using it in an unexpected way? Then this peacock feather wall covering from Koket is the perfect example. Its green iridescence is magical. It can be used to cover a feature wall or bespoke items of furniture such as this armoire. Both luxurious and tactile, it brings a touch of the orient to an interior.”


Wai Yin Lee, Interior Designer, comments: “I love Greenery’s link to nature. It brings the great outdoors into the living space which is especially appealing for a city dweller like me. “Use Greenery to exaggerate a sense of nature, even if there is little or none. For example, if the view from your window is a concrete jungle, then consider a new perspective. Misty Hills from Murals Wallpaper is serene and inspiring. The image harmoniously blends green with grey and by introducing soft furnishings in the same tones, the concrete jungle will feel very far away.”


This year’s Pantone Colour of the Year has so many possibilities, if you would like some expert help to find a scheme that is right for your home, then get in touch today.

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• PANTONE 15-4020 Cerulean (2000)

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