What’s hot in 2015

Good interior design certainly doesn’t mean slavishly following fashion. For us, it’s more about incorporating the best of the season’s trends and ideas into a cool and individual interior. So here are our hot picks for 2015 – choose your favourites and inject a hip, new feel into your home this year.


  • Delicate scents

    Fragrance – it’s the icing on the cake – the perfect finishing touch. It can transform a room and make a really personal statement about our style. There are so many to choose from though so which should you go for?

    We love the ‘My Wanderlust’ limited edition collection by Charlotte Stockdale for Jo Malone. These are stunning fragrances both for you and your home and perfect for spring/summer 2015. The soft, floral and subtle spice scents are beautifully packaged so they’re not just a practical piece but a stylish accessory too.


    Photo Credits: Jo Malone (www.jomalone.co.uk)
  • Dyed fibre wallcoverings

    If you’re looking for a change from traditional wallpaper, try one of the fabulous, new, eco-friendly alternatives on the market. You’ll find these dyed fibre wallcoverings in all sorts of amazing colours and finishes – real statement pieces in their own right.

    One of our favourites is the new collection from Elitis, a great French company that is fast becoming very popular in the UK.


    Photo Credits: Elitis (www.elitis.fr)
  • Watercolour prints

    Watercolour prints are a great way to introduce subtle floral prints into your home. Original and colourful, they can weave vibrant shades with more muted tones for a fresh take on traditional prints. Perfect for spring.

    Check out the new range of watercolour printed fabrics from Romo for inspiration.


    Photo Credits: Romo (www.romo.com)
  • Colour mix

    For a contemporary twist, go for a colour mix that combines black with bold, vibrant shades – blues, greens, yellows and pinks. It’s unexpected and off the wall but makes a real style statement – a great choice for fabrics, cushions and throws.

    Take a look at the digitally printed linens, velvets and wallcoverings by Jessica Zoob in collaboration with Romo Black Edition.


    Photo Credits: Romo – Black Edition (www.romoblack.com)
  • Pastel shades

    A client will often ask us to create a tranquil haven for them, somewhere they can escape to after a hectic day. One way to do this is to use powdery, pastel hues which create a soft, homely and very relaxing feel. Serene and restful but never, ever bland.

    Why not experiment with some of the beautiful, new paint colours from Farrow & Ball who have just announced their key colours for 2015?


    Photo Credits: farrow & Ball (www.farrow-ball.com)
  • Unique doorknobs and handles

    What better way to make a good first impression than with a quirky and eye catching doorknob! Bespoke, handcrafted pieces can turn a standard, mass produced door into a work of art. Traditional, contemporary or distinctly quirky in design, they’re a great way to have fun with an interior.

    Courtyard Accessories, who have displays in the Chelsea Design Centre, have a really diverse range of bespoke, decorative doorknobs and other hardware. Have a look at their website:


  • Classic meets contemporary

    For a really individual take on design, don’t just stick to one style or era. Try mixing old and new instead. Browse charity shops, antique markets and even your parents’ or grandparents’ house to discover a piece of furniture or accessory that is crying out to be given a new home. Mix classic and contemporary pieces and you’ll add a new dynamic to your living space, creating a vibrant yet homely feel.

    For classic style with a modern twist, we’ve discovered Boca do Lobo they have some truly amazing pieces.


    Photo Credits: Boca do Lobo (www.bocadolobo.com)
  • Gold is back!

    Gold is set to make a dramatic comeback this year. For anything from lamps and mirrors to wallcoverings, taps and door handles, gold is the epitome of opulence and luxury. Whatever you choose, don’t be scared of gold – be bold and go for a strong, style statement.

    Try Maison Valentina for some fabulous ideas – we love the KOI bathtub & Maison Ambience for a truly, one-off original!


    Photo Credits: Maison Valentina (www.maisonvalentina.net)
  • ‘Black is the new Black’

    Black is dramatic and sophisticated so we’re delighted that black is back. When you’re thinking of refurbishing your home, think about adding some black fixtures and fittings as accents to create contrast. This could be anything from door handles, light switches and stair rails to door frames or skirting boards.


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