The impressive three-bedroom penthouse apartment Constantine House is the scene for ani M’s lavish and spectacular furnishing project. Bespoke design, custom upholstery and tailor-made furniture, this interior design scheme has it all.

In the first consultation with the client, a colour scheme, wallpaper and fabric were chosen from the selection of samples and moodboards that had been specially prepared. In addition, a floor plan was drawn up that maximised the apartment’s space. It was a productive first meeting that enabled the interior designers to make informed decisions about what furniture would best fit the space and commission elements such as the upholstery which typically take longer to complete.

The colour scheme for the large reception room is elegant; neutral tones of cream and beige soften the grey/blue hues, like a windswept beach in winter. Jab’s Oblivion collection was the perfect choice, luxurious velvet fabric in soothing tones of deep blue cover the easy chairs. The cream sofas and embossed wallpaper cushion the strong blue while rich, dark wood furniture brings a timeless style.


Clever accessories continue the colour scheme with blue glass, ceramics and polished metal objects used to harmonise the space. Cleverly positioned mirrors and artwork catch the light and create a bright and airy ambience. Smaller items of furniture in chrome and glass keep a sense of space and proportion. The bespoke Rossetto TV unit was made specifically for the scheme and hides unsightly TV wires. The room feels welcoming and homely, yet refined.


The walls of the long hallway are cleverly decorated with wallpaper from Vescom that has a fine horizontal texture to give the space a sense of movement and flow. Here, the neutral beige is enlivened by splashes of a vibrant blue/green, in the abstract artwork for example, to echo the reception room yet give this space a character of its own.


The same colours flow through the apartment;in the master bedroom, a subtle blue harmonises with grey and cream tones to create a restful sanctuary. Dark wood showcases the shapely lines of the headboard and furniture.


Only the second of the three bedrooms has an unexpected splash of gold and ochre to freshen the cream and white shades. It creates a sense of sunshine and warmth and feels instantly soothing.


Throughout, strong design touches such as the ‘wall of mirrors’, tactile artwork, bespoke furnishings and even a show-stopping chandelier make this apartment a triumph.

The apartment is a testament to high-end design and it is the design team’s attention to detail that makes this stand out. The team was tasked with creating a sumptuous and elegant apartment that made the best use of space and light. They excelled, creating a personal space that showcases timeless, contemporary design.

If you would like ani M’s interior designers to bring the same vision and attention to detail in transforming your home, then get in touch today.

Summer interiors have taken a new approach to the world traveller theme. Earthy colours and textures combined with ethnic patterns and shapes celebrate the natural world and the art of tribal communities. If done well, the trend should be eclectic and bold, tempered with a modern twist such as a clean monochrome decor or accents of bold colours in simple stripes. Want to evoke the cracked dry earth of the African Savanna in an upmarket urban interior? Here’s the essential ani M INTERIORS guide.

Sitting pretty


Cane, wicker and natural wood furniture evoke memories of tree houses and relaxing amid a tree top canopy. This beautiful Fan Chair from Tom Dixon captures the essence perfectly. Accessorising with fan palms is optional though.

Texture and delight


Arte’s Amazone collection in different colours is a great way to bring subtle texture to the scheme. Whether that is snake skin diamonds, the pattern of dry, cracked earth or vines hanging from a jungle canopy, these wall coverings can be used to create one feature wall or used around the whole room as a great backdrop to showcase simple furnishings.

Soft monochrome


There’s plenty of fabric available featuring African tribal designs. It makes for unique and stunning soft furnishings and scatter cushion-style interiors especially when mixed and matched with animal prints such as this zebra cushion from Elitis. The best way to showcase the abstract designs is with a monochrome decor that really allows the patterns to sing.


The other option is to combine the monochrome designs with bold splashes of colour like rainforest birds sitting amid an emerald sea. Scatter cushions in blocks of colour or stripes will add to the eclectic feel. Have a nomadic romance with these throws from Romo and imagine you are in a Bedouin tent under the desert stars.


Then add interest to floorboards or plain carpets with scattered rugs that look like they have been collected on your travels. Amara’s Liuwa rug would look great coupled with others of contrasting patterns and colours in a monochrome scheme.

Objects d’art


Beautiful carvings, pottery, masks and other items of anthropological interest can be showcased in groups to bring the tribal trend to life. These can look very serious however, and if its the fun side of the scheme that you are keen on then you’ll find these wooden jungle animals from Skandium adorable.

If you want to give the tribal trend a go but aren’t sure whether to choose jungle, desert or savanna then get in touch with the ani M INTERIORS team who will create the perfect scheme for you.

This month, Max’s choice for the perfect dining partner is this stylish upholstered chair from Cattelan Italia. It was used in a recent show apartment for the Barratt development ‘Kidderpore Green’; in Hampstead and it struck a chord with him because of its elegant clean lines.


“This striking chair has an unmistakable contemporary style, yet it has the shape and style of an Edwardian dining chair,” he says. “I love its versatility – around a dining table the chair looks sophisticated but its profile means that it can also be a stand-alone chair that turns an awkward space into a focal point.”

It’s available with or without arms, in a range of wood finishes and in fabric or leather upholstery in a range of colour options. This means it will add that all-important finishing touch to most schemes whether that’s fine dining or simply staging a hallway or landing.

While contemporary interiors are ideal for modern living, there are many properties with period features that just don’t suit contemporary styles – there’s also a certain romantic nostalgia in recreating the grandeur of yesteryear. This new design series examines the key elements that defined historical interiors and gives advice on how to recreate these authentic looks with modern pieces.

The late 1400s to the early 1600s in England is known as the Tudor period. During this time, trade links with the world were increasing, as was the nation’s prosperity. Rich noblemen and traders chose to show off their wealth by building grand country homes and furnishing them with the most expensive materials of the time. Heavy, carved oak furniture took centre stage in rooms that were draped with richly embroidered fabrics and adorned with oak panelling.

Today, even with period features, it’s unlikely that a complete Tudor look will be desirable in the home. Instead, a smattering of the right products can create a Tudor theme without feeling as though you’ve strayed onto the set of Wolf Hall. Our designers at ani M INTERIORS have chosen some key areas where the right products will create the look.

Best dressed windows

Sumptuous layers of velvet or rich brocade fabrics are the order of the day, such as these sapphire and silver silk drapes from Designer’s Guild. You don’t have to have ornate leaded casement windows to feel the instant luxury and warmth they will bring to a room.


Velvet delight

Fabrics were celebrated by the Tudors and the richer they were, the better. Velvet cushions, throws and seat coverings softened the hard oak and stonework of Tudor interiors and showed the owner’s wealth. These plush, plum cushions from Lelievre are irresistible.


Beneath your feet

Bare boards and York Stone floors were as popular in Tudor times as they are today. They look effortlessly stylish and showcase rugs in spectacular fashion. This made to order Tudor Rose rug from The Rug Company will bring a contemporary twist to a Tudor-inspired scheme.


Wonder walls

The Tudors were very keen on decorative motifs such as roses, thistles and fleur de lys as well as coats of arms to show their status. A great modern take is this Royal Palace collection of wallpaper from Cole & Son, not only does it mimic the regal patterns that were popular but it also comes in metallic shades. What could be grander?


Panels and screens

Unless you already have oak panelled room, this isn’t a practical look to try to recreate. Instead, try a wall covering with bold geometric patterns or simple shapes such as this paper from Elitis. It isn’t overtly Tudor in style but it does make a feature of the wall.


Cross-stitch creations

Today’s interior design will place a beautiful or striking painting in the heart of a scheme. For the Tudors however, this work of art would have been a tapestry depicting court life or battle scenes in stunning detail. Unless cross stitch is your hobby, a tapestry of this kind is unlikely to adorn your walls. Instead try something a little more contemporary, fall in love with Klimt’s The Kiss, available from Tapestry Art.


Furnish with flare

Heavy oak furniture such as four-poster beds or heaving bedding chests, while beautiful, may not suit your home nor be practical. Instead keep it simple with delicately carved pieces such as chairs and smaller tables. This Chandra chair By Koket is a great example, small, sophisticated and upholstered in velvet – its Tudor indulgence for the 21st century.


Tudor décor is defined by a use of rich materials and high drama. It’s easy to bring this same flare to your interior without it looking out of place in a modern home by paying attention to the key areas. If you would like the team’s advice on how to bring the Tudor theme to your home, get in touch today.

Perfect Pastels

In December, Pantone announced its colour for the year ahead and surprised everyone with its choice of two colours designed to work in harmony with each other.

Rose Quartz and Serenity are soft, soothing shades of pink and blue that will perfectly counteract hectic modern life. The choice is a marked contrast with 2015’s Colour of the Year earthy Marsala. Rose Quartz and Serenity are light, baby blush colours that can effortlessly create a sanctuary of calm in any room.

The versatility of the pastels is what is most surprising. They give an all-white or neutral-grey scheme a subtle colour boost or can be used to lighten darker tones such as brown, navy or plum for a high drama effect. They are equally comfortable when used together in retro, geometric patterns accented by a colour such as black, there’s not a hint of sugared almonds here.

Design Director Mansi Mehra is keen to start incorporating the colours into spring interior schemes. “For me, the two colours used together is the epitome of calmness. This is especially symbolic in these times of stress. Like candy floss clouds in a clear blue sky, the colours counterbalance the complexities of modern living. Although they may seem like two ends of a spectrum, the coming together of warm and cool tones creates a fluid interplay that can be used to create a contemporary look.

“The weightlessness of pastel blue allows the pink to add a sophisticated accent. The products have been chosen for their functionality more than for their individuality. Investing in trend-inspired items with longevity that make a house a home and that’s important to me. As always, avoid overdoing the look. For example, these colours look very sophisticated when used in silk fabrics or metallic accessories, they can be used together when tempered with other colours but only in skilled hands.”

Here’s the interior design team’s hot picks for doing Rose Quartz with aplomb:

The plump, shell-like upholstery of Koket’s Besame chair would look equally inviting in a living room as a bedroom.


Kirby Design’s Spaghetti Yeti Cushion Candy’s quirky design shows how contemporary and fun this colour trend can be.


Designers Guild has fallen head over heels for Rose Quartz. Its Biella Blossom reversible bed linen will envelope you in soft pink folds. Avoid the colour dominating the room by pairing it with darker shades.


Arte has paid the ultimate tribute to Modernist designer Le Corbusier with its dotty wall coverings. Embracing the colour trend, this geometric print is anything but pretty and sweet.


Metallics bring out the rich tones of Rose Quartz and this alarm clock from Design Wharf is no exception. The Leff Amsterdam Piet Hein Eek Tube Clock in copper adds a wonderfully warm accent to the scheme especially if paired with plums and deep reds.


Here’s the interior design team’s cool blues for bringing Serenity to a scheme:

Designers Guild has done it again with its plush linen cushion in cerulean blue. The Brera Lino Stitched Trim is perfect for mix and match with other colours to breathe life into an all-white or white and grey schemes.


The sky blue, Bloomingville Pepper rattan chair from Amara looks effortlessly stylish in the summer sunshine, especially when paired with scatter cushions. The temptation is to use white and grey tones but fawn, green or plums will help bring out the beauty of the blue.


A clever way to introduce Serenity into your décor is through artwork. Trowbridge Gallery’s The Lookout subtly brings the soothing tones without dominating or looking cold.


Swedish design brand Eight Mood has created Il Mare, a collection of products that evoke a sense of the sea, capturing the natural colours of beige, grey and, of course, blue. The trend is laid back and beautifully showcases how Serenity can be the jewel in the crown of a harmonious colour palatte.


Finally, this colour trend doesn’t have to be grown-up and serious, it can be fun too. Try kitchen accessories in Serenity for a touch of 1950s kitsch. Rig Tig’s Zig Zag heat mat is irresitable.


The colours could be initially off-putting, more associated with infant’s bedrooms than sophisticated schemes, but an experienced design team knows that it’s how they are interpreted, what accent colours are used and what design details are showcased that really matters. As Mansi noted, the key is not to overdo it.

Hopefully, with the team’s choices above, you will have found plenty of inspiration for bringing Rose Quartz and Serenity to your décor. If however, you don’t feel confident enough to incorporate these on your own then get in touch with the team who will be happy to help.

Previous Colours of the Year

• PANTONE 18-1438 Marsala (2015)
• PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid (2014)
• PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald (2013)
• PANTONE 17-1463 Tangerine Tango (2012)
• PANTONE 18-2120 Honeysuckle (2011)
• PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise (2010)
• PANTONE 14-0848 Mimosa (2009)
• PANTONE 18-3943 Blue Iris (2008)
• PANTONE 19-1557 Chili Pepper (2007)
• PANTONE 13-1106 Sand Dollar (2006)
• PANTONE 15-5217 Blue Turquoise (2005)
• PANTONE 17-1456 Tigerlily (2004)
• PANTONE 14-4811 Aqua Sky (2003)
• PANTONE 19-1664 True Red (2002)
• PANTONE 17-2031 Fuchsia Rose (2001)
• PANTONE 15-4020 Cerulean (2000)

January 2016 heralds a new year of interiors; it’s time to see how the four broad themes unveiled last year will transform as they are interpreted and introduced into homes this year.

May Design Series gave an insight into 2016 trends, it was dominated by colour, specifically Global Colour Research’s Beast, Brink, Space and Tropic. These palettes were edgy, earthy and otherworldly and great colour base for interior ideas.

London Fashion Week was as playful and uncompromising as ever; the team were thrilled by Jean-Pierre Braganza’s Whiplashed collection. His use of shape and colour was sublime, monochrome geometry was brought to life with twisting organic shapes and bold splashes of colour. Transposed to home décor these themes enable unusual furniture to take centre stage.

By autumn 2015, the team was inspired by Global Colour Research’s predictions for 2016 autumn/winter. Four new colour palettes, Strata, Abyss, Ripe and Play, suggested incredible themes for interiors that celebrate style as well as the materials used. Rough, raw surfaces enhance those that are polished and shaped. It is a step on from the industrial chic that dominated 2015, this trend revels in the wild beauty of nature.

The final theme, pattern is an extension of last year’s world traveller motif. Drawing on the cultural influences of different countries it uses the motifs in a surprising way. By making a feature of the traditional designs it enables them to be viewed in a new light, for example, elaborate Middle Eastern designs are simplified, made almost minimalist for a great contemporary look.

These predictions set the team’s creativity loose, here’s how they intend to put them into practice this year.

Max Prychidko – Head Designer

“I’ve been inspired by the use of natural materials, they are timeless, durable, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Don’t be afraid of mixing up different textures and finishes either. People are slowly moving away from the idea that a room has to have one theme and are keen to see a variety of finishes, materials and textures to express their personality and individuality. Porada’s coffee table in wood and stone is a great example.

The two tiered, simple frame means that your focus is on the striking marble tops. Plus, its size means it can be used in a living area where a side table just wouldn’t fit.”


Zoe -Hayley Smith – Senior Interior Designer

“For too long people have been playing it safe with pattern, but this is a mistake. Pattern should be used boldly, it should make a statement and people shouldn’t be scared of using it in an interior. I felt inspired by the Legendary Enigma trend early in 2015, it showed that by using a strong pattern you can bring an air of elegance to an interior rather than overwhelming it. That’s why I’ve chosen this Moroccan style rug Mamounia Sky from the rug company. It perfectly represents why we should be passionate about pattern because it can change a bland space into an oasis.”


Ifrah Buraleh – Interior Designer

“I can’t wait to experiment with the bold and brilliant colours that were unveiled last year such as Play. I love the vibrant shades and the contrast of chromatic brights with the darker hues. It’s easy to introduce these colour wheels to the home without having to drastically change the décor, key statement pieces such as this chair, Stack from Skrivo, does all of the work and brings that important element of fun too.”


Severina Oborotova – Senior Interior Designer

“I see a link between colour trends and the use of shape. Brink for example takes heritage colours and gives them a modern twist by pairing them with unexpected materials while Braganza’s Whiplashed collection showed that geometry doesn’t have to be rigid, it can be free flowing and unexpected. That’s why I’ve chosen this cube pendant from Wired Designs. Its brass finish will work beautifully with the Brink colour scheme while its angular form creates an atmosphere of intricate shadows.”


If you are keen to see how the team’s hot picks for the year ahead will work in your living space then get in touch today.

For an interior designer, discussing the client’s ideas and desires for the space is a vital part of ensuring the finished result is all that the client hoped it would be. But personalising the newly furnished space so that it looks lived in and loved requires special skill. ani M INTERIORS’ team of designers let us in on some trade secrets for how to make a house a home.

Mansi Mehra – Director

“Shelves are the unsung heroes of our living space. Not only do they provide necessary storage and can be statement pieces of furniture in their own right, but they also provide a great place to display personal items: family photographs, cherished objects and much-loved books. They are perfect for giving a scheme that all important finishing touch.”

108 Prime place, 79 Norman Road, Greenwich, SE10 9FX-74

Max Prychidko – Head of Design

“The sense of smell is powerful, being linked to memory and emotion. Having the right scents in the home creates a sense of wellbeing, comfort and happiness. In fact, estate agents often advise roasting coffee or baking bread just before a viewing to increase the property’s chances of sale. So my secret to making a house a home is to use diffusers and scented candles – Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir is dark, rich, sensual and enigmatic, ideal for making a home feel cosy during the cold winter months.

Pomegranate Noir Diffuser2 666KB

Different scents work well for different times of the year. ani M INTERIORS’ own range of diffusers have scents to match the season: grapefruit and cedar wood is a fresh citrus scent perfect for spring, black iris and sweet bergamot’s floral notes are just right for summer while sandalwood vetiver has a deep woody and masculine scent that suits autumn best. Scent creates an ambience of wellbeing and makes a house, a home.”


Zoe-Hayley Smith – Senior Interior Designer

“Karl Lagerfeld once said that what he liked about photographs is ‘That they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.’ Photos tell the stories of our lives so what home would be complete without them? They can be displayed in clever ways too: compile an eclectic mix of frames in your stairway, add a large, statement canvas to your living area or even have them transformed into personalised wallpaper. If that seems too extreme, traditional standing picture frames make a beautiful display on side tables and shelves.

Photo frames×7/

“Another great way to make the space feel personal is to dress it with fresh flowers. They are wonderfully uplifting and provide so many different flora and foliage options that they complement any decor. For example, hyacinths, roses and big, blousy peonies in pastel shades are irresistibly romantic, while simple, white calla lilies or even grasses look fantastic in a minimalist scheme. They are an essential part of making a house feel like home. Luther Burbank says it best: ‘Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.’”

803 Lucienne Court, 72 Lindfield Street, E14 6GT-12

Severina Oborotova – Senior Interior Designer

“What better way to personalise a space than to make a feature of everyday family life? Notes scribbled to partners about upcoming events or shopping lists can be both useful and surprisingly beautiful; while children’s drawings and notes have a charm that’s impossible to recreate. That’s why I’ve chosen chalkboard wallpaper from NOT ON THE HIGH STREET as my top tip on how to personalise a space. It can be used in different rooms with different functionality but it’s also highly decorative. In the kitchen it’s perfect for messages such as ‘Don’t forget, wine tasting 8pm tonight’, recipes, grocery lists and reminders. In a children’s bedroom it’s the perfect way for them to get creative, draw, learn to write, play games and even to make a height chart. There’s no better way to make a home feel lived-in and loved.”


Ifrah Buraleh – Interior Designer

“It sounds strange, but soft furnishings are a great way to add personality. Cushions are a brilliant accessory; they can be mixed and matched according to how adventurous you are feeling. They allow you to be daring with your décor because they are easy to change as the mood suits. You can change a colour scheme seasonally at minimal cost and fuss by simply picking out new colours or new patterns for the covers. Plus, they are the perfect way to express your style, passion and personality inside your home.”


Wai Yin Lee – Interior Designer

“Ifrah is right that soft furnishings give you the versatility to change schemes without it being costly. They also let you experiment with different looks and how best to express your personality. For me though, there is nothing better to personalise the space than a sumptuous throw. It can enliven a dark room with vibrancy and colour; it can cleverly highlight subtle colours in the décor; and it can give tired furniture a bit of lustre. Having a throw on a bed or sofa makes them seem cosy, informal and inviting. As winter draws in, throws are essential to making the space feel like home.”

Throw-25 (800x653)

Putting together a bespoke scheme in the chosen colours and styles for each individual client is a pre-requisite, but the interior design team goes above and beyond to give each project that all-important personal touch. The designers also have clever solutions and design know-how for displaying treasured possessions. If you would like to tap into ani M INTERIORS expertise then get in touch today. The team will be happy to help you make your house, a home.

As a child, the magic of Christmas is the visit from Santa, but as an adult it’s a union of loved ones. Putting on a sumptuous feast for those closest to you is one of the best things about the celebration. Choosing the style and decoration is as much a part of the ceremony as the food itself so ani M INTERIORS has chosen five themes: vintage, opulent, frosted, traditional and rustic to inspire you. Here’s a four-step guide to dressing your festive table in show-stopping style.


Good food, good company and good times, Christmas is for family and friends to share and make memories. So why not make the focus of the table personal mementos of times shared together such as old photographs to mark place settings and trinkets?

1 An old roll of wallpaper makes a great table runner decorated with candles of different heights and styles.
2 Unearth some fantastic vintage bowls, cups and decorations – part of this theme’s charm is that nothing has to match.
3 Compile trinkets, candles, baubles & pot-pourri in a decorative bowl for an eclectic centrepiece.
4 Add few handmade musical crackers to complete the look beautifully.



Christmas is the best time for a bit of sparkle and as you are overindulging with the food and fizz then you might as well have a table dressed to reflect the indulgence. The key to layout is precision. Imagine a sumptuous sultan’s banquet with tiered platters of ripe fruit and rich food.

1 Embrace metallic shades of gold and silver to create a lavish look, blanketed on a luxurious satin tablecloth.
2 Cutlery, dinnerware, glassware and napkins should sparkle to create an instant feeling of luxury.
3 A decorative statement piece in the centre of the table is a great chance to get creative, layer gold and bronze baubles on a cake stand or try a bowl of delectable fruits dusted with edible gold powder.
4 Finishing touches include gold-dusted flower petals and place settings for your honoured guests.



Seeing the first frost clinging to trees, benches and fence posts is part of the magic of winter. Recreate this look and make your table look as serene as fallen snow.

1 Crisp, white linen teamed with a silver satin runner forms the basis of this winter wonderland setting.
2 Sparkling crystal-cut glasses and polished silverware capture the light adding a modern elegance.
3 For a fun table centrepiece, set a miniature white Christmas tree adorned with small icy blue baubles.
4 Frosted berries and glittering pinecones are the perfect finishing touches to soften the ambience.



Christmas colours are the berry red and bottle green of holly trees and the gold of church bells. What could be more traditional than this colour scheme at your table?

1 A delicate lace table cloth is the perfect backdrop to compliment the richness of these Christmas hues. Pair soft gold velvet ribbons as a delicate tie for your vibrant green napkins and placemats.
2 Bring grandeur to your dinner table with intricate, scroll edged cutlery and gold dinnerware.
3 A centrepiece of candlesticks wrapped with sprigs of holly and mistletoe adds a romantic touch and delicate winter fragrance.
4 Finish with scattered iced gingerbread decorations and small golden bells.



The idea of enjoying Christmas in a beautiful farmhouse with a roaring open fire, home-grown food and nothing for miles but snowy fields has an enduring appeal. Recreate this rustic charm with your table decorations.

1 Natural beauty is key so bare the top of your dining table and use tree trunk cuttings as plate chargers – both practical and creative decoration.
2 Tie cutlery in bundles with natural jute for a modest elegance.
3 For a warm and inviting ambiance scatter candles amongst natural finds such as driftwood, pine cones, sprigs of holly and pine.
4 Place small, carved wooden stars engraved with your guest’s names for charming place settings to treasure forever.


These five different ways to dress your table will wow your guests, especially if you embellish the ideas with your own personal touches.

Christmas is fast approaching and while it brings with it the opportunity to spend precious time with loved ones, it can also bring an anxiety about what gifts are best to buy for them. Relax, ani M INTERIORS has the season covered. Here are eight gifts they are sure to love.

Jewel in the crown

If the Conran family isn’t designing beautiful pieces for the home then it’s sourcing them. This handmade Italian jewellery box is designed by Garth Roberts for Antique Mirror. The oxidisation process on the mirror creates beautiful shimmering patterns and colours that evoke images of the rising sun.

889216 Long Arco Baleno Box

Coffee with finesse

Do you have a coffee lover in your life? Not only are these nifty 3oz porcelain espresso cups adorable but they also helpfully have the measurement indicators inside. So there’s no excuse for getting the proportions wrong on your favourite morning ‘ristretto’.


Molton magic

The hardest part of shopping at Molton Brown is choosing just one fragrance. Follow the spice trail with orange and bergamot, breathe in the orange blossom at the foot of Mount Fuji or explore oriental temples with scents of samphire, sandalwood and ylang-ylang. This 12-piece gift set means you don’t have to choose and, as they are travel sized, you can take them with you on your adventures.


I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

The White Company has brought its trademark paired-back elegance to Christmas decorations. This Nordic mini lantern has larger siblings that look great in a set but its the diminutive appearance of this one that is most endearing. Perfect for tealights at Christmas and beyond. It may not snow this year but with the mini lantern, your days will be merry and bright.

White Company

Wreathed in smiles

Jo Malone’s perfume emporium is a place of wonder. This year it has done Christmas perfectly with a tree decoration that opens to reveal body creame and cologne gifts. Heavenly scents of pear, freesia, nectarine blossom and honey whisper the joy of summer ahead.


Candy cane with a twist

This traditional-looking candy cane decoration would make a fine addition to any Christmas tree or festive table but there’s a surprise. This stainless steel stocking filler from Anthropologie is also a bottle opener. What fun!


With a pop and fizz

Champagne is a special drink and deserves to be drunk in style. These tall-stemmed flutes from LSA International are mouthblown and have a platinum helix design that looks like a flash of lightening running through your glass. While they make a great gift, they will also add a bit of sparkle when serving champagne to your guests.


Chores to cherish

For many, working life rarely means leaving work without taking projects and paperwork home. While most of us have an office at home, this practical space needn’t be utilitarian and dull. Anthropologie has greated this brushed bronze desk tidy that might just manage to raise a smile while you are finishing off that pesky paperwork.

Multiples pencil holder, £44

This beautiful and unusual selection of gifts should surprise and delight your friends and family this Christmas and keep the shopping panic at bay, giving you time to enjoy the holiday time with those you love.

If you would like expert help to source beautiful pieces for your home throughout Christmas and beyond, contact the ani M INTERIORS team today.

Back in February, ani M INTERIORS presented the year’s upcoming trends. Since then, the design team has watched the trends evolve and diversify to create clever, quirky and uniquely beautiful interiors. Here’s a whistlestop tour of the world of interiors through the year


It had fallen out of favour in recent years but wallpaper made a comeback. Especially as its 2015 incarnation involves texture, fabric and dyed fibre. Clever patterns too can create a wall of crumbling plaster, marble, bamboo or shimmering fish scales (Elitis).



In 2015, pattern was back with pizzazz; from perfect symmetry to a boho mix of styles, from bold florals to animal-inspired designs. It was playful, unexpected and joyous.



Bold colours and striking contrasts, such as cobalt blue and black, led the industrial trend in spring. While for the rest of the year, strong earthy colours were in vogue. Pantone’s Marsala is a great example, with warm tones of copper and plum it has all the appeal of a rainforest’s rich red mud. Little wonder it was Pantone of the year.


Eanda Armchair by Brabbu:


A shimmer of steel or a glimpse of copper, polished or brushed, from light fittings to woven soft furnishings metals made their mark on 2015.


Fabric from the Carlucci (Jab) Titanium Collection


This year was characterised by organic shapes twisting into contemporary pieces that more resembled art, than furniture and ornamentation. This sense of wonder at the natural world was best displayed at the London Fashion Week in March by Erdem’s autumn/winter collection. Its verdant patterns and emerald greens translated beautifully into upholstery, soft furnishings and screens.


1. British Fashion Council: Erdem’s Autumn/Winter Collection 2015 from LFW/ Photo credits: Daniel Sims, British Fashion Council: Jasper Conran Chinoiserie at Wedgewood: credits: ani M INTERIORS 3. Saari sofa by Brabbu: 4. Castellani forest fabric at Designers guild: 5. Stanley ceiling lamp by Delightfull: 6. Canopy wallpaper by Christian Lacroix at Designers guild: 7. Palmeral at House of hackney:

Oriental themes too, migrated from the catwalk through interiors this year. Collections of objects d’art and elegant florals with bird, butterfly or dragonfly motifs were paired with electric colours.


Coastal visions were summer’s unexpected hit. From cushions and wall coverings that bring the waves and skies into your room, to sand-coloured upholstery and ornaments of man-made coral and shell, this trend was soothing and evocative.


The well-travelled theme made its mark right through the year as a boho mix of fabric, pattern and furnishings. Moroccan tiles were paired with painted Indian side tables, Peruvian-weave throws and Dutch-patterned rugs. The effect was a surprisingly sophisticated eclectic mix.


Design visionaries

This year, homage was paid to the work of design pioneers and visionaries. Designers either reinterpreted the masters or they brought the designs back to life for the next generation to enjoy. George Nelson’s sunflower clock brought ‘50s quirkiness to 2015 interiors; Arte’s contemporary   re-imagining of Le Corbusier’s work brought dots and square designs to wall coverings and the wonderful world of Ray and Charles Eames was celebrated both by the Barbican and by ani M INTERIORS’ designers.


Photo Credit: The World of Charles and Ray Eames. Wire Chairs with bird, 1953. Photograph: Charles Eames. © Eames Office LLC.

This year’s trends have been unexpected, playful and bold. Sleek lines were juxtaposed with free-flowing organic shapes, polished metal shone out from earthy colours, while butterflies and birds swooped over coastal scenes. The ani M INTERIORS team keeps ahead of the trends by attending trade exhibitions such as House and the May Design Series but it isn’t until the trends are interpreted for individual clients that they really come to life.

If you would like the design team to interpret and personalise next year’s trends for your living space then get in touch today.