Over five decades since its peak, Mid-Century Modern’s retro vibe remains the rage. From its sleek lines to free-form shapes and bright pops of colour, the timeless aesthetic of yesteryear stands as a firm favourite in homes across the globe.

In charge of furnishing a show flat at Barratt Developments’ iconic riverside building Lombard Wharf, the ani M team leant towards a refined, elegant interior, with touches of Mid-Century Modern’s organic curves, geometric angles and stylish functionality. The apartment’s door swishes open to reveal an avalanche of colours, patterns and textures. A daybed and armchair upholstered in sumptuously soft teal velvet punctuates the sun-lit living room. Geometric throws and cushions fizzle against a neutral backdrop. A collage of black and white photography and Mid-Century décor spark a retro love affair in a modern setting.

A striking medley of furniture, decorative accessories and lighting fixtures lend both a nostalgic and unique feel to the apartment. A two-tier glass coffee table stuns with its bold lines and intricate frame. Against an accent grey wall, a stunning ridged hardwood cabinet acts as the perfect TV and ornament stand, while a statement ceiling lamp, with its linear grid shape and Mid-Century charm, hangs with a spectacular eclecticism.

Other decorative accents peppered across the room, like a tall floor lamp, ornate mirror and table accessories, evoke a quintessentially retro vibe, which, together with the lounge’s more contemporary touches, lend the apartment a playful but pared-back style.

Tucked in the corner, teal dining chairs are solid blocks of brilliance against the room’s tamer neutrals – their velvet upholstery contrasting beautifully with the dining table’s intricate iron frame. Gold-toned charger plates and cutlery complete the elegant place setting, and tie the open-plan dining area together with a sophisticated finesse.

From soft blush to dusty lilac, pastel colours open up the master bedroom and create a soothing, tranquil space. A bespoke headboard with iridescent upholstery and sectioned panels takes centre stage, turning the bed frame into a wonderful centerpiece. Surrounding it – delicate gold details with a subtle shimmer: two bedside tables pair metallic legs and a glass top for a striking, Mid-Century Modern piece, dome lamps illuminate with their sleek design and chic gold finish and a clustered wall mirror hangs pretty.

The master bedroom is a contemporary delight, balancing modern elements with timeless décor pieces and glittering golden accents to create a distinct style.

Harmonising shapes, fabrics and finishes, no detail is spared in the second bedroom. A teal headboard and throw combine beautifully with a terracotta pillow and slouch chair – an unexpected colour combination that instantly evokes a feeling of warmth and familiarity. Quirky ornaments on top a Mid-Century bedside cabinet continue the offbeat, retro vibe, reminiscent of the fabulous ‘50s.

In the third and final bedroom, moody blues and greens create a cosy sanctuary. Layers of soft furnishings are abundant, and make for a luxurious bed to fall into after a long day. A stylish study-corner inspires productivity, with a dazzling gold lamp, wired chair and framed illustration that come together effortlessly.

Each and every room emanates a delicately refined, boutique-hotel feel, and, as a show apartment, the fine details are wonderfully evident, embellishing every corner and surface with a unique charm – even spilling out onto the balcony, where Bauhaus loungers and tropical prints create the perfect outdoor space to watch the world below.

Subtlety and thoughtful craftsmanship are much of what makes Mid-Century style timeless. From luxuriously low-slung furniture to tall, slim lampshades and big, bold hues, the finished result is a show flat of unwavering glamorous attitude and exquisite details.

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Hailed in all our favourite design magazines, Scandinavian interiors and hygge décor has swept the world over with its pared-back style. Shining a spotlight on clever functionality and pleasing aesthetics, this design movement has added an appreciation for craftsmanship and understated elegance in everywhere from city lofts to country cottages.

A look inside this ani M bespoke furnishings project is no exception. At landmark riverside development Royal Wharf, this modern apartment has been re-imagined with chic Scandinavian style; each room spilling with wonderful character and detail. With an emphasis on simple forms and pretty, pastel hues, this snug setting boasts a beautiful mix of colours, textures and shapes, all brought together to create a visual masterpiece.

In the apartment’s living room, dark polished wood is teamed with layers of soft furnishings, intricate ornaments and metallic drapery. The eye is immediately drawn to the room’s contemporary coffee table, with its beautifully clean, geometric lines, as well as the white marble stone clock and gold cube table lamp; all a nod to Scandi design’s effortless aesthetic. The lounge’s gentle grey and beige tones are complemented with the breezy blue of glass vases and patterned cushions, which lend a soothing element to the space. Among this medley of elements resides the spirit of Nordic understatement – maximum style with minimum fuss.

Tastefully presented, the dining table is just as much of a visual feast. A sleek grey table sets the scene for white crockery and tall coloured vases, all surrounded by smart high-back dining chairs. This wonderful combination of crisp, modern lines and the quirky, more rustic look of the decorative vases creates an effortlessly sophisticated look. The finished product is a truly multi-functional space to eat, entertain or simply chat the evening away with a glass of wine.

A glorious mix of blues, contrasting textures and modern artisan pieces bring an artistic quality to all of the apartment’s bedrooms. Since the client wanted the home furnished for his 18 years old son who was soon starting university, the team made sure each of the rooms were both relaxing and inspiring, with a mix of furniture, décor, lighting and more to create the perfect study sanctuary.

In the first bedroom, a stunning pearl-white headboard shimmers against a Hague blue wall, while layered pillows and gold bedside details lend a characterful, homely touch.

Continuing the Scandi theme, a quintessentially mid-century modern bedside table borrows its slim, tapered legs and understated retro details from iconic ’50s and ’60s furniture silhouettes. A metallic globe desk lamp adds to this retro vibe, its gracious curves complementing the table’s streamlined frame.

In the second bedroom, whites and greys are interwoven to create a clean and calming look, with pops of colours like lilac and teal green for added accents. The simplicity in design allows for the furniture to captivate, with porcelain white bedside table, shelves and cabinet creating a bright, airy space. Set on slanted legs, a delightfully retro armchair provides extra comfort, while floral details sprinkled around the room lend a fresh, delicate feel.

A fully-dressed project, the apartment’s refined luxury, alluring forms and sensory detail come together to create a home that is at once functional and comfortable.

Our client was thrilled with the results achieved:

You too can create a space that incorporates the simplicity, utility and beauty of Scandinavian interior design; contact our team today, who will be able to incorporate this style to create beautiful and comfortable spaces in your own home.

There are holiday homes, and there are fantastic holiday homes. The trick that separates the two is in the interior design and finishing touches – a beautiful, character-filled space that makes for the perfect getaway.

Approached by clients based overseas to manage a bespoke project for their three-bedroom apartment, in Berkeley Group’s stylish waterside location Chelsea Creek, the ani M Interiors team set out to create a stunning home away from home, with an air of modern classic design and luxurious, high quality furnishings. What followed was a seamlessly designed interior, with every space of the apartment illuminated and accentuated with the finest furniture, fabrics and finishes.

A glorious mix of blues, contrasting textures and modern pieces brings an artistic quality to the living room. With their powder blue and beige upholstery, rolled armrests and delicate legs, elegant sofas and armchairs sit pretty in the open-plan space. A statement rug and patterned cushions beautifully complement the dark wood coffee table, while the soft blue tones of the floor-to-ceiling curtains bathe the room with a fresh and calming atmosphere.

Designing the perfect holiday home in the heart of Chelsea

Not forgetting the finishing details; a vase of blooms, quartz stone and serving tray adorn the table top, lending a highly personalised, unique touch – an important factor in creating a holiday apartment with a homely feel. Last but not least, a velvet throw and metallic ball table lamp add an edge of luxury to the living room, and bring the scheme together in a stunning display of classic yet contemporary design.

Designing the perfect holiday home in the heart of Chelsea

Continuing this attention to detail in the open plan kitchen, provincial-chic bar stools with chrome stud detail and ebony legs stand sophisticated and tall, and blend perfectly with the marble island worktop. In keeping with the kitchen’s minimalist style, simple, pared-down statements like white orchids and sweet jars lend just the right amount of elegance to the space.

Designing the perfect holiday home in the heart of Chelsea

One of the client’s favourite parts of the apartment, the dining area is a visual feast. Handsome high-back chairs surround a bespoke, dark wood dining table, complete with silverware and a statement vase. On the left wall, a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit features a wonderfully unique range of decorative accessories, from a globe ornament to a Dynasty horse sculpture – a lovely hint of antique charm amid contemporary furniture. Complete with large windows overlooking the capital’s tree-lined avenues and meandering waterways, the dining area elegantly reflects its surroundings to merge glamour with an urban, cosmopolitan feel.

Designing the perfect holiday home in the heart of Chelsea

The apartment’s master bedroom boasts a mix of glitz and bygone glamour with its graphic patterns, bold-shaped furniture and beautiful gold detailing. Perfect for propping up to read, a bespoke headboard, with charcoal upholstery and studded detailing, completes the room’s luxurious king-size bed. Geometric cushions and abstract art act as a striking focal point, while stacked metallic ball lamps lend a subtle, sophisticated glimmer.

Designing the perfect holiday home in the heart of Chelsea

These luxurious gold accents are continued in the vanity corner, with a metallic framed Versailles French-style chair and glistening gold drapes dripping in opulence. Ultimately, the master bedroom’s layered colours, tones and textures combine to make a truly sophisticated, lavish retreat.

Designing the perfect holiday home in the heart of Chelsea

Designed for teenagers, the apartment’s two other bedrooms balance modern style and functionality. Neutral fabrics and dark wood accents are contrasted with bold pops of colour, and soft furnishings, artwork, flowers and décor add a sublime depth and character to both spaces. By the windows, sleek work desks and chairs offer a space to unleash creativity or study effectively, with draw curtains at hand to enjoy the view or retreat from the world.

Designing the perfect holiday home in the heart of Chelsea

With houses across different countries, the client seeked a completely unique interior, different to any other they had lived in. Receiving this brief, the ani M team combined their keen eye for detail and design skill to create an exquisite space, with tasteful furnishings at every turn.

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Like other design fields, interior design is inextricably tied to changing styles — what’s hot and what’s not. And firing up this year’s autumn and winter trends is a paradigm shift towards a more sustainable aesthetic: interiors with a natural, eco-conscious theme.


Image: Decorex 2017

Colour Hive’s trend consultant manager Hannah Malein’s recent talk at Decorex brought to life the importance of natural elements, upcycling and overall sustainability in reshaping the interior landscape – one inspired by the beauty of the natural world.

Deep greens to smokey oranges, pastel pinks to metallic blues, ani M INTERIORS presents four interior looks expected to dominate the design scene in 2018/2019.


A beautifully balanced palette of moss green, beetroot red, amethyst and a piercing, icy blue (amongst others), Rapture is at once bold and delicate: a colour scheme that fills a home with warmth and positivity.


Image: Rapture

A trend that calls on reconnecting with personal values and exploring the way we are becoming more in tune with our planet and nature, Rapture reconnects us with our spiritual side.

In today’s tumultuous world, Rapture is wholesome and grounding. It compliments natural, earthy greens with more spiritual lilacs and purples to produce a rich and verdant spectrum. It experiments with a diverse, lively palette to create a nurturing and calming space that you can enjoy all year round.


The heavy, overpowering dominance of the digital age is offset with Beyond’s light, airy colours. Neon pink, powdery peach and metallic blue are wonderfully ethereal and soothing – a visually pleasing palette that provokes an indulgent, multi-sensory experience.


Image: Beyond

Be it a statement sofa or a feature wall, Beyond’s pale hues are perfect for a calm and elegant atmosphere. These versatile pastels and neutral metallics are breezy and flowing, subdued yet vibrant. In a city apartment or rustic chateau, their versatile colours focus on delicate, graceful design. They both comfort and invigorate.

Evoking a sense of calmness, fluidity and balance, the fusion of these unique shades provides the perfect antidote to busy, modern life.


Earth, Air, Fire, Water. The Filter trend finds beauty in impulsive, unpredictable elements.


Image: Filter

With a palette of smoky white, burnt orange and blazing red, soft brown and a brilliant sulphur yellow, Filter’s colours evoke the warmth and depth of nature’s very own hues. A harkening back to all that is primal, with a seductive call to the elements.

Contemporary design is not only becoming eco-friendlier, but also celebratory of man’s connection to the nature. These vivid, glowing shades blur the stark lines of modernity with echoes of the natural world. A breath of these earth-based tones in your interiors will add an immediate sense of richness and character to your home.


Punchy, bold and striking. These are the colours that dictate the final AW 18/19 trend, Control.


Image: Control

With climate volatility posing serious, often incalculable impacts on the environment, individuals are seeking solace in a sense of stability and permanence. Fuchsia pink, vibrant green and bright yellow, Control’s neon tones share a synthetic quality – one that is perennial and unfailing. They are dynamic and spirited, and ring with a blaring resonance.

Add any of these colours to your living rooms or bedrooms for a playful, sophisticated touch.

Four completely unique trends that highlight the invaluable need for natural preservation and a more earth-based understanding of the world, interiors across the world are about to become that much more colourful.

Feel inspired to transform your home into an eco-haven? Get in touch with the ani M INTERIORS team to introduce any of these vibrant trends into your own living space.

Modernist mid-century furniture, zingy accent colours and eye-catching art were just some of the beautiful design elements incorporated by the ani M interiors design team at this two-bedroom luxury apartment overlooking Tower Bridge.

Referred to our team by Berkeley Group, the client wanted to create a striking finish in their home, mixing cool, contemporary furniture with a touch of Scandinavian charm. After an initial consultation discussing wallpaper choices, furniture dimensions and additional fittings, the ani M designers set out to achieve a beautifully crafted interior space, combining both luxury and comfort.

As the client had already purchased a variety of items themselves, the team’s responsibilities lay in their creative expertise to seamlessly tie the whole scheme together. With a chic blend of soft furnishing, lighting, mirrors and hard furnish items, the designers were able to beautifully intertwine the client’s pre-existing furniture with fresh, new décor.

In the living room, a light wallpaper lends the perfect backdrop for shimmering metallic accents, like a wall mirror with a gorgeously detailed mosaic frame. The team chose to enhance the client’s gold pedestal coffee table and side table with lemon yellow accent pieces – a bright ceramic vase and floor lamp instantly adding an energising, modern flair.

When Scandinavian design meets contemporary London living

A scatter of patterned cushions complements the lounge’s vibrant aesthetic, and add depth to the minimalist, mid-century style furniture. On the sofa, pale grey and sunshine yellow are a match made in interior heaven; a classic colour combination that brims with Scandinavian cool – understated, with wonderfully retro influences. On the lounge chair, a blue tone to the upholstery fabric lends itself effortlessly to marine blue and white geometric cushions, yet another timeless colour palette.

When Scandinavian design meets contemporary London living

From gold geometric candle holders to fruit ornaments, modern metallic accents bring a glamorous shine to the room’s classic wooden dining table. The stylish arrangement of decorative pieces exudes a refined, polished look alongside a table that gives the feel of a lavish, high-end dining experience. Paired with the apartment’s stunning riverside view of London landmarks, the lounge’s dining area makes for the finest of culinary experiences, right in the comfort of one’s own home.

When Scandinavian design meets contemporary London living

In the bedrooms, a range of design elements create soft, welcoming spaces for the end of any long day. The team’s carefully selected artworks, bed throws and dressing table accessories give both rooms a distinctively luxurious feel. In the master bedroom, metallic sheen wallpaper sets a dazzling scene, whilst abstract wall art and white fabric table lamps illuminate the room in style. Upon the client’s request to replace the headboard, the team suggested a soft truffle upholstery fabric to accentuate the warm tones of the feature wallpaper. The finished result? A design that emanates simple elegance and sophistication.

When Scandinavian design meets contemporary London living

Striking artwork, tropical decorative cushions and caged lamps add an undeniably stylish edge in the second bedroom. The team’s careful attention to detail is apparent in each room and even out to the corridors, where beautifully framed mirrors and geometric art designs bring the apartment’s walls to life.

When Scandinavian design meets contemporary London living

In addition to bespoke interior design services, the ani M team offered efficient, high-quality refurbishment at the client’s request. From a new electrical plug socket installed in the hallway to a modern bespoke sideboard, storage cupboards to shelving, the refurbishment team helped to fulfill the client’s visions for flawless functionality.

If you too would like to incorporate the simplicity, utility and beauty of contemporary design in your home, get in touch with our interiors team today.

Crisp, modern design flows from room to room at this beautiful two bedroom Earl’s Way property , a recent bespoke furnishing project carried out by the ani M Interiors team. A blend of high-end, contemporary décor and luxurious simplicity creates an interior space that is at once light, airy and irresistible.

Being a show flat for property developer Berkeley Group, the team set out to achieve a highly aesthetic design scheme, with eclectic statement pieces and vivid accent colours adding charm and personality to every corner – a striking space to match a most prestigious residential location.

In the reception area, cool, contemporary style meets quirky flair. A monochromatic palette sets the scene for a luxurious statement sofa, upholstered in rich teal-hued velvet; the perfect piece of furniture to lounge in comfort, and paired with a beautiful array of cushions whose distinct patterns lend a feeling of urban chic. A dark wood coffee table, plush slipper chair and sleek floor lamp tie the space together, while decorative accessories add a unique touch.

Easy Breezy Summer Style

Inviting furniture and décor take precedence at the heart of the home – the kitchen. Luxury bar stools stand tall on slender, solid wood frames, with seats masterfully upholstered with a luxe velvet. A statement wall clock with its playful characters and over-sized numbers makes for a beautiful focal point, and trendy way to keep track of time. The final ingredient for this cosy, intimate kitchen is a succulent display – a gorgeous table centerpiece and natural touch to indoor décor.

Easy Breezy Summer Style

At first impression, the dining area spells simple elegance with elaborate finishing touches. Boasting sleek, sophisticated silhouettes, beautiful dining chairs sit pretty around an oval table adorned with the finest crockery and silverware. A bevelled glass mirror creates a glamorous, eye-catching wall, and gorgeously complements the cabinet’s silver art deco handles. Tall plants soften the décor’s structural lines and add wonderful life, form and texture to the room.

Easy Breezy Summer Style

As one of the apartment’s luxury amenities is its outstanding views of Tower Bridge, the team focused on creating a charming outdoor seating area on the balcony. Beautifully crafted Acapulco wire chairs serve as a comfortable resting place as well as a mid-century modern statement piece; their deep, barrel back making the perfect seat to watch the world go by.

Easy Breezy Summer Style

In the master bedroom, soft shades of taupe and purple create a soothing ambience. From large cushions in striking prints to cosy knitted throws, layers of soft furnishings make the bed a restful retreat, while a tall upholstered headboard lends a regal, timeless quality. Coupled with dark wood accents and elegant lamps, the room combines modern luxury with classic touches.

Easy Breezy Summer Style

No comfort is spared in the second bedroom. Delicate pastel hues, exquisite fabrics and fine furnishings combine to make a sumptuous haven. Subtle pops of yellow in the cushions and wall art brings an uplifting zest to the room, and nods to the bright, cheerful vibes of summer.

Easy Breezy Summer Style

A dressing table of utmost elegance and craftsmanship turns any morning routine into something special. Styled with a glass framed mirror, silver drum stool and beautiful blooms, each decorative accent contributes to the bedroom’s panache and personality.

Easy Breezy Summer Style

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Navy blue hues, sumptuous velvet and eye-catching embellishments make way for a visually-stunning interior at a recent design project for a client’s two-bedroom apartment in Earl’s Way, South East London.

Requesting a space that was luxurious and contemporary, the ani M design team turned the client’s vision into reality with bespoke furniture and fittings, a timeless colour palette and beautiful decorative accents. With distinct character and modern flair permeating every room, the team’s careful eye for detail led the way to a truly beautiful and harmonious interior design.

Deep blue tones set against crisp neutrals creates a breezy charm in the lounge area – a simple and yet gorgeous colour duo that remains on-trend throughout the seasons. Decadently soft velvet sofas, armless lounge chairs and plush cushions create a warm, inviting space, perfect for winding down after a long day. Elevating the lounge’s blue accents, elegant metallic surfaces – from a chrome coffee table to a gorgeously detailed mirrored cabinet – lend the area dazzling dimension and understated glamour. This, combined with abstract art pieces and shelves peppered with unique ceramics, creates a truly striking interior.


In the open-plan area, a dark oak table sets the scene for an unparalleled dining experience. Eight beautifully upholstered chairs make the perfect seating arrangement for entertaining family and friends. The sleek sophistication of the dining furniture is complemented by ornate tableware, including a metal candle holder, delicate glasses and fine china crockery with stunning blue detailing. These intricate details finish off the table gorgeously, creating an elegant setting for dining and the perfect place to entertain in style.


A magnificent interior in the master bedroom combines comfort and grandeur, with luxurious layers and a flawless window treatment lending a polished, timeless look. Cream-coloured furniture, bedding and décor wrap the room with subtle warmth and elegant simplicity, while a dark grey, floor-to-ceiling headboard exudes a chic, cosmopolitan glamour and contrasts perfectly with the room’s neutral hues.


In keeping with the room’s sophisticated design, a sleek, high gloss console table and decorative mirror create a beautiful statement corner. The team’s carefully chosen accent pieces provide a highly personalised touch, with floral arrangements and vintage-inspired mirrored jewellery boxes blend trend and elegance together to create a stunning aesthetic.


Perfect symmetry and calming colours create this relaxing, contemporary retreat in the second bedroom. The team’s use of beautifully balanced design lends a refined feel, with navy blue accents, patterned wallpaper and luxurious soft furnishings adding a sense of dimension, interest and texture. All of these elements combined creates an intimate atmosphere – a bedroom enveloped in sophisticated style and ultimate comfort.


Tying the whole space together, a white cabinet, tabletop ornaments and bevelled mirror bring added flair and perfectly complement the bedroom’s striking, contemporary design.


With a combination of fresh colours, high-end decor and timeless interiors, the client’s two-bedroom apartment was soon transformed into a wonderful living space – a home for relaxing, entertaining or a combination of the two.

When it comes to beautifully crafted interiors, our design team has the special touch. Contact us today to get the look in your home.

How do you combine one of history’s most loved periods with a new build development in London? Quite simply by styling elegant features of Art Deco period with dynamic, modern design.

When the ani M team was tasked with creating a beautiful show flat for leading property developer Barratt at their boutique new build, Chapter Street, our designers set out to create a space that was stylish, charming and full of character.

Designed by London-based EPR Architects, Barratt’s development was inspired by the lobbies and lounges of the iconic Claridge’s Hotel – its lavish interiors with a touch of 20s-era decadence paving the way to Chapter Street’s elegant façade and modern, yet timeless, floorplans. In keeping with the building’s contemporary take on Art Deco glamour, the ani M team decided to incorporate the same geometric designs and opulent finishes to the two bedroom show apartment.

This stylish space features a highly updated approach to Art Deco, mixing modern neutrals with glamorous details. In the lounge area, the gentle off-white tones of the plush L-shaped sofa, floor-to-ceiling curtains and silk pattern wallcovering are offset by darker, edgier tones of emerald green and midnight black – testament to high-contrast colour palettes iconic of the Art Deco era. The team’s intelligent use of design is prevalent with the striking patterns of the white marble coffee table against a geometric rug, lending the room an eclectic and extravagant edge.


Inspired by the wooden panelling found throughout Hampton Court and Kensington Palace, the team’s choice of elegant faux-effect wallpaper evokes the grandeur of a time gone by. This vintage decoration is gorgeously complemented with a lustrous black lacquer cabinet, complete with brass plated iron handles and a geometric metal base.

From a magnifying glass to a brass quartz clock, decorative globes to vintage books, a collection of objets d’art creates a miniature gallery any guest would love to peruse. It is these carefully sourced accessories and attention to detail that truly distinguish the lounge’s interior.


To capture the mystique and electricity of the Art Deco era, beautifully patterned wallpaper sets the scene for an unrivalled dining experience. Brightly coloured abstract art contrasts beautifully with cream-hued upholstered chairs – their dramatic scoop back and vinyl black legs adding a striking elegance. The dining room’s ornate design is punctuated by a tubular ceiling light, with a polished brass finish reminiscent of a trumpet and the sporadic nature of modern jazz. Decadent and delicious, it’s a dining room fit for a feast.


This theme of luxury is continued in both bedrooms, with sumptuous textures and metallic accents creating the grandeur and charm of a boutique hotel. In the master bedroom, silver infused grey lends itself beautifully to this subtly textured silk wallpaper; its metallic inlay creates a shimmery appearance on the wall in the glow of light. A neutral palette of soft, soothing hues creates a timeless and sophisticated look and makes for the perfect canvas for bold accents, like these beautiful brass metal wall lights.


Leather furniture and layers of silk and satin create texture and depth, whilst a sprinkling of stylish ornaments add a personal touch. Featuring a padded headboard with an intricate mix of angular lines, this eye-catching design evokes the artistic appeal of the Art Deco era and lends a dazzling touch to the master suite. The overall result is an elegant bedroom to spend the night in style.


Delicate textured wallpaper provides an elegant flourish in the second bedroom, with pearlised finishes adding lustre and shimmer to a neutral colour scheme. Soft sheets, cushions and pillows provide a setting that is comfortable and luxurious, and, like the master bedroom, a tall, etched headboard instantly catches the eye.


As ornate bedroom details were commonplace in 1920s and 30s interiors, the team brought these elements into both bedrooms and bathroom for an instant Art Deco appeal.


Regal style and luxury take centre stage at this two bedroom show apartment. Showcasing carefully crafted interiors at every corner, the ani M team successfully harmonised classic Art Deco influences with a fresh, contemporary twist – a look perfect for this modern home.

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First impressions count, and nowhere more so than a show flat at one of London’s finest new developments – a space designed to create a dazzling first impression.

When leading property developer Barratt asked ani M to style a show flat for their new residential development Putney Rise, our interior design team set out to give the space an intimate and homely feel, perfect for all seasons. Adopting an understated elegance and a palette of soothing neutrals, the team swiftly transformed this two bedroom apartment into a peaceful haven.

Having worked closely with the high-profile developer on a number of show flat interiors, it was the team’s furnishing and design expertise, combined with a careful attention to detail, that successfully transformed Barratt’s vision for the apartment into a stunning and highly marketable reality.

With a relaxed interior concept in mind, layers of soft colours and textures were used in abundance. In the living room, delicate metallic hues were set against deep-tone backdrops and shadowy neutrals. A sumptuous grey sofa and lounge chair set the scene for a warm and inviting room, with decorative accents and elegant drapery adding a sense of luxury to the design.

Stylish cushions give a high-fashion accent to the home décor, with their attention-grabbing patterns and classy metallic finish. On the crisp white walls, striking abstract art pieces lend a unequivocally modern element to the living room’s space.

From candle holders to succulents, fine details sit pretty on a marble top table, whilst one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces decorate a sleek cabinet, effortlessly blending rustic style with modern appeal.

The team designed a carefully curated dining area, merging comfort and beauty to create a space where guests and family will want to linger. A subtle touch of shimmering metal from the stemmed wine glasses, napkin holders and statuesque candles act as a stunning contrast to the mocha coloured dining chairs. Fitting in seamlessly with the metallic theme, a geometric wall mirror gives the corner a wow factor and extra luxe finish.

The show flat’s minimal kitchen design is finished with sleek, high-tech kitchen appliances, perfect for anyone from the casual cook to the gourmet chef with a flair for style. Its simple and sophisticated feel combines aesthetics with functionality and elegance.

In the bedrooms, soft textures and accent pillows create an everyday luxury and extra comfort. In keeping with the muted palette, the layering of grey shades with the curtains, walls and upholstered headboard creates a sense of depth and soft contrasts, whilst punchy, electric colours give the bedroom a mood-lifting ambiance.

In a nod to Pantone’s Colour of the Year, soft furnishings in vivid shades of green provide a harmony in the room that is both calming and revitalising – the perfect setting to unwind after a long day. Not forgetting that good interior design is all in the details, the team incorporated various ornaments on the bedside and dressing table, to soften the room and give it a more homely feel.

With a more subdued colour scheme, a cosy second bedroom mixes classic design with a bold, modern flair. Deep blues add a richness that contrasts beautifully with the room’s cooler tones. Dainty mauve lampshades are gorgeously complemented with eclectic patterns from the accent pillows, whilst eye-catching artwork and a royal blue headboard make a stylish statement. It is the blend of sensual fabrics and harmonising colours that make this bedroom a delightfully cosy and indulgent retreat.

As the developers were flexible with the concept and scheme for the property, our team were able to use their creativity and skill to transform an empty show flat into a beautiful, inviting home full of character – one to be enjoyed throughout the seasons.

If you would like advice on creating a versatile, effortlessly stylish and professionally-designed scheme for your show apartment, get in touch with us today.

Elegant décor, rich neutrals and delicate touches of colour set the scene for ani M’s recent design project – a stunning apartment in Carvell House, North West London.

Working with a completely blank canvas, the team envisioned a beautifully curated interior, with each corner of the apartment exuding timeless elegance and modern sophistication. Already boasting dark wood flooring and a spacious layout, this new-build needed a designer’s touch to transform it from ordinary to stylish. By choosing luxurious furnishings, decorative accessories and visually exciting textures and colours, the team were able to add depth and personality to the apartment’s open space.

Referred to our team by Beaufort Park developers, St George, the client’s flexible and open-minded attitude gave our designers free rein to transform the space. A palette of soothing neutrals was chosen, and, overseen by our interior designer, the apartment’s dimensions and character soon began to take shape.

In the living room, neutral tones and warm browns create a very calming space. A lavish L-shaped sofa stands out as a focal point of a room, with other features such as a glass top coffee table, statement vases, a glossy lacquer cabinet and a beautiful, yet subtle cream carpet perfectly complementing the soft beige undertones. For a lovely contrast of colour, silver blue floor-to-ceiling curtains add an instant grandeur – their burnished metallic finish lending a warm, shimmering texture to the living room’s muted palette.


Continuing the theme of delicate hues, the team styled the back of the room into a modern dining area. A round dark wood dining table is surrounded by statement-making accent chairs, complete with striking geometric upholstery and deep espresso stained hardwood legs. Classic silverware and a gorgeous vase centrepiece tie the corner together, with the floral arrangement adding an elegant finish. Together with the dazzling art piece and patterned pillows, cool blue shades set against a backdrop of soft neutrals make for a sumptuously contemporary aesthetic.


With their exacting attention to detail, the team incorporated more statement décor pieces to the apartment’s interior. Metal vases, a silver mantel clock and ornate wall mirror bring an effortless sense of style.


In the open-plan kitchen, barstools with a bronze quilted backrest offer comfortable perches where family or friends can chat with the cook, whilst decorative accents like an exquisite artwork and tall glass vases give the sleek cabinets and countertops a glamorous edge.


In keeping with the blue accents in the living room and kitchen area, teal and turquoise hues stand out beautifully against a predominantly grey scheme in the bedroom. Bright aqua and marble patterned pillows are propped up against crisp sheets, a sublime contrast to the bed’s textured throws and light grey headboard. Abstract art and dainty bedside tables give the room a refined symmetry, offering a ravishing dimension to the grey textured feature wall.


Special touches including statuesque lampshades and ornaments adorning the nightstands are the distinctive, characterful details that turn this bedroom into a soothing sanctuary. This and the assorted shades of grey instill a quietness and calm into the room, a feeling that is palpable from the moment you step inside.


With an open, creative brief, the ani M team were able to translate their eye for design into a fresh, sophisticated living space for the client; a home that exudes character, charm and attention to detail at every corner.

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