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Show Homes projects require a deep understanding of the target. Ani M has considerable knowledge and experience of different buyer/renter demographics and employs trialled and tested solutions for efficient, successful outcomes. Applying business principles to the multitude of interior options is what our specialists do. We have helped the most prestigious London developers shift thousands of units around the City by furnishing unsold properties and creating stunning showrooms.

Preparation for Sale

Perfomed by Experts

There may be some issues that are preventing prospective tenants from seeing the property’s full potential. Untapped potential is quickly identified by our experts, who deliver solutions in line with the target’s wants and needs. 

At the luxury end of the market, it is often the finishing touches that capture viewers’ hearts and give them the confidence to invest in multi-million-pound apartments. Ani M source furnishings and fittings of the highest quality, offering a premium visual and tangible experience.

Finished Projects
Interior Services
Years of Experience
Bilingual Designers


Solution Focused

Friendly and knowledgeable, our design teams are quick to pinpoint problems accompanied by smart, efficient solutions.

For us, a luxuriously refurbished property that remains unsold equals an incomplete task. Every design decision is made in context of the surroundings and with as much or as little input as our client wishes. 

Client Feedback

The team assisted with the design and delivery of staged apartments to aid sales. They were incredibly well recieved by prospective purchasers and the team were very professional throughout. They were able to provide detailed design work quickly and adapted to supply chain issues to ensure delivery. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone looking to furnish their apartment for whatever purpose.

- Ashford Scholes Google Reviews

Client Feedback

After the rental success of our first collection of homes at Sugar House Island furnished by the team, we wanted to continue our partnership with them and appointed them to furnish our largest collection of homes at Sugar House Island. They have delivered consistently in very challenging times, and I am impressed with their commitment, market knowledge and professionalism.It has been a pleasure working with everyone, from the designers to the delivery and installation team. And I hope to continue this partnership in the coming years.

- Zhaleah Qayyum Google Reviews